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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Cast Your Fate To The Wind

Peter Berliner - Sailing Away


After a short stay in hospital I have decided to go back to the music as a hobby and using my prior experiences in California, I am creating a small Smooth Jazz station. Target date to begin broadcasting is 2012 but there is a lot to enjoy in the meantime.

KJAZZ Radio UK's format is primarily 'Smooth Jazz' featuring artists like Dave Koz, Kenny G, Mark Antoine. However the key is in the stations slogan 'Smooth Jazz & More' which means there is also a mixture of Soul, R&B, Lounge and timeless classics added to the mix.

KJAZZ Radio starts your morning with an upbeat mix to get you energized for your day. The afternoon moves to a more relaxed format but spruced up by a bit of musical Java to get you through the afternoon, then as evening approaches, things chill down more to relax, maybe with a glass of wine by the fire or with that someone special. During the evening and overnight KJAZZ Radio operates with minimal interruptions and a fusion of smooth jazz grooves, to ensure the mood remains relaxed and chilled. Perfect for listening, background music or that special dinner.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Saturday, 23 April 2011

PoormanUK News

After much consideration I have decided to play around with Live365 internet broadcasting. Yes back to DJ'ing. Initially I will just be streaming a 80's/90's KROQ/KNAC type playlist (for those in LA) sort of a "Test Transmission" if you like but we will see where it leads. Anyway stay tuned and I will be providing a link here at the poormanUK's blog. Well it sure won't be like broadcasting in LA or on the Pirates.

Keeping in poormanUk tradition, I have also started a free website courtesy of Google it can be found at:

Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Andromeda (M31) Galaxy just how far away is it ?

Recently poormanUK reported finding the Andromeda Galaxy (M31).  A oval misty patch in the NW sky which from poormanUK's mission control near Horsham England is not as reported by many books visible to the naked eye.  This is due to light pollution from Horsham and nearby Crawley and Gatwick airport.
This image is not from my telescope.
Finding Andromeda was elusive even with the 8 inch Dobsonian and confirming it with help from my trusty Android  and Google Sky Map put a smile on my face.  So it's not easy in this location but when you start to look into how far this is away it becomes understandable.  This oval misty patch is around 2.5 million light-years away and also happens to be one of the furthest objects that can  be seen with the naked eyes.  Side note, I have seen Andromeda with my high power binoculars from this location.

As I am fairly new to Astronomy a 'Light Year' does not mean much to me and I start thinking about 'Toy Story' and things like that.  We non-scientists need something else to comprehend these distances. So consider this, if I was flying a jet at 600 mph it would take approximately 3 trillion years to get there.  There is also another way to consider when  poormanUK was looking at Andromeda  he was  effectively looking back in time 2.5 million years. This is simply because it took that amount of time for light to travel from Andromeda and reach my telescope.  So who says were not time travellers.  To me this is a much a better way of thinking how staggeringly far Andromeda is away from us.

Now we have sorted out the distance lets consider what Andromeda is, it is estimated that Andromeda is made up of over one trillion stars or put another way one trillion objects like our own Sun. That in turn means that these Suns could have structure similar to our Solar System and you got it potentially life. Don't think we will prove that tomorrow though.  Another interesting point about Andromeda is that if our eyes could take in the full Andromeda Galaxy it would be six times the size of our full moon.

Interesting point the first photographs of Andromeda were taken in 1887 by Isaac Roberts here in Sussex, England.  Guess light pollution wasn't as bad back then.
Here is his picture. Not bad for over 100 years ago!  Well done Isaac Result!